Cottage - Policies

Minimum Night Stay
There is a 30 night mimimum stay required on all reservations. 

Arrival is anytime after 3 pm. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate early check-ins or dropping off of bags/luggage.

Anytime prior to 11 am

The rental fee is due 30 days prior to arrival date. All renters must submit credit card information for our records. After the rental fee has been paid the guest will receive, via email, all necessary instructions for their arrival and stay at the Cottage.

Cancellations and Early Departures
All cancellations must be in writing via email or letter. We will confirm cancellations, via email, within 24 hours. Please contact us if you have not received confirmation of your cancellation. Cancellations prior to payment of reservation will incur a $25 processing fee.

If you choose to cancel within 30 days prior to your arrival date, you will be held responsible for the full price of your intended stay. 

If owner needs to cancel a reservation for any reason prior to check-in all money will be refunded.

There is no credit or refund for early departure.

Please note:
There are no exceptions to our cancellation policies.

Off street parking is available on site.

Number of Guests
Is limited to 4.

We currently do not charge a cleaning fee. To help us keep it this way we ask that guests leave the cottage clean when checking out. Required guest cleaning includes: wiping off all counters (kitchen and bath) and stovetop, washing all dishes/load and start dishwasher, and taking out all recycling and trash (cleaning supplies are provided.) Failure to do the required cleaning will result in a cleaning fee charged to the Renters credit card. The base rate is $50. If more than one hour is required for cleaning, each additional hour will be charged at $50/hour. We take care of washing all of the linens (kitchen, bed, and bath) and the more detailed cleaning.

Renters are responsible for maintaining the cottage and leaving it undamaged and clean at check-out. Disregard of this responsibility on the part of the Renter will be grounds for termination of this agreement at the sole discretion of the owner. Disorderly conduct of the Renter(s) is also cause for termination. In either of these 2 circumstances, the Renter will forfeit any fees paid. The Renter(s) submitting the reservation shall be liable for any damage to the cottage and its contents and will have their credit card charged accordingly.

If the Owner(s) or maintenance services need to enter the cottage during the rental period for reasons such as mechanical maintenance, every effort will be made to give the Renter sufficient notice in hopes of finding a mutually agreeable time. Routine 'outdoor' gardening maintenance occurs on a regualar basis. There will be no need for us to enter the house.

The owner is not responsible for circumstances beyond his/her control. Rental of the property and occupation thereof is entirely at the risk of the Renter(s); and while every effort is made by the Owner to insure the comfort and safety of the Renter(s), the owner is not responsible for such comfort and safety while they occupy the Owner's property during the period of tenancy, unless through wilful negligence of the Owners.

No Smoking
Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the property. Disregard of this policy will result in a $300 charge to your credit card account.

No Pets
Pets or animals are not allowed anywhere inside the house or on the premises, not even to visit briefly, no exceptions. Disregard of this policy will result in a $300 charge to your credit card account.

Items Left Behind
We are not responsible for items left at the Cottage. Please carefully check the house for belongings prior to departing. If you leave something, notify us and if we can locate the item we will mail it to you for the cost of shipping plus a $10 service fee.